Over August, I intend to take The Moses Scroll blog readers to nineteenth-century London (not literally, but literarily*). That’s right; you are invited to travel back in time with me to follow the chronological unfolding of the events surrounding Christian David Ginsburg’s examination of Shapira’s leather manuscript strips that took place in the British Museum 138 years ago this month.

I intend to regularly publish posts throughout August corresponding to the date of original published reports in The Times, The Athenæum, The Jewish Chronicle, and other contemporary British news outlets providing a sort of replay of the events that had people around the world on the edge of their seats as they awaited Dr. Ginsburg’s decision on the authenticity of Shapira’s manuscript strips.

Watch The Moses Scroll Blog closely this month, and I hope you join me for A Return to London – August 1883. We will also provide reports of our trip to England, including photos and videos.

*No promises for trips to London are extended by the author of The Moses Scroll blog to readers of the same in this blog post.