Today marks the first anniversary since the publication of The Moses Scroll, so I could not let the day pass without pausing to reflect on the unexpected success of my first book. As a first-time author and a self-published one at that, I could not be more pleased.

Readers worldwide have purchased the book, and the reviews have been generally favorable. The Moses Scroll achieved #1 New Release in two non-fiction categories on Amazon (Religion>Antiquities & Archaeology, and History>Expeditions & Discoveries). It has been mentioned on popular blogs, Biblical Archaeology Review, newspaper articles, and academic journal articles. Scholars endorsed my work, even some who disagreed with my conclusions. 

I am a bit overwhelmed and humbled, but I am thankful to my readers most of all. I said in my acknowledgments, “And finally, thanks to all who have chosen to read this book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering the case I presented in the foregoing pages.” These sentiments remain.

In December of 2019, when I was first introduced to the story of Moses Shapira and his sixteen leather strips, I could not have imagined what I was getting into, but as I was preparing to go to print, I was able to unequivocally say, “The Moses Scroll has been the most stimulating study of my life. I am pleased to share it with you.” Today I can say with the same conviction that my interest in the story has only grown since I typed those words. 

If you have not read The Moses Scroll, I encourage you to do so. It is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions. Here is the link.

If you have read it and have not yet posted a rating/review on Amazon, please do so

One year ago today, The Moses Scroll reopened the most controversial case in the history of Biblical scholarship. There are still things that I want to say and that need to be said about this subject. The jury, as we say, is still out; the debate is ongoing. You have not heard the last about Moses William Shapira and his sixteen leather strips, and God willing, you have not heard the last from me.