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March 28, 2021

United States

Long Overdue Cold Case Reopened!

Two revolutions have taken place in our lifetimes that have changed our entire understanding of the Bible and its world. One is the archaeological revolution and the other is the birth of critical scholarship and how we are to come to terms with the meaning of all the new evidence and discoveries. But is one such discovery in 1878, later ruled a forgery by leading scholars of that period, actually our most ancient manuscript dating back over 2,000 years? Has new evidence revealed we’ve possibly overlooked the most ancient and original form of the Bible’s Book of Deuteronomy?  Author Ross Nichols leads the way in calling for a reevaluation of what is referred to as the Shapira Scroll with compelling new evidence in his new book “The Moses Scroll.” It’s a cold case reopened and one long overdue! 

Ralph Buntyn 
Executive Vice President United Israel World Union

April 15, 2021

United States

Best Account of the Entire Shapira Story

The best account of the entire Shapira story, from start to finish, was published by author and researcher Ross K. Nichols, just two weeks before Dershowitz published his own academic analysis. Nichols also includes a transcription and translation, as well as the arguments for revisiting the issue of their authenticity. He presents a meticulously researched, in-depth account of their discovery, as well as their examination by 19th century scholars, including a presentation of the arguments both for and against their authenticity. Entitled The Moses Scroll, the book is highly readable and engaging for scholars and non-scholars alike. Nichols has also begun a regular blog on all the latest Shapira discussions and issues.

Dan McLerran
Founder and Editor, Popular Archaeology Magazine

March 13, 2021

United States


This was hard to put down.

Jennifer Conner

March 11, 2021

New York

A Clear and Detailed Presentation of the Historical Story of the Shapira Story

Mr. Nichols does an outstanding presentation of the entire story surrounding the Shapira Scroll. The reasons why the scroll was considered fraudulent were ill formed and filled with academic prejudice. Reasons such as it couldn’t possibly exist or actually put forward as opposed to any technical or linguistic reasons. While this scroll was found years before the Dead Sea Scrolls were found much of the technical capabilities to examine didn’t exist yet. The scholars of the day couldn’t understand how a scroll could exist for so many years in the desert. The Dead Sea Scrolls and others like them were found and proven to be authentic. Since then many scholars said that the Shapira scroll should be examined in this light. Mr. Nichols has done a superb job reconstructing the scroll from the ancient Phoenician alphabet to Modern Hebrew and English. We can now actually read the scroll based on this exegesis. The context of the various circumstances surrounding its origins and the way in which is was initially determined to be a forgery are laid out very precisely and make a convincing argument for its authenticity. Idan Dershowitz’s research has also made the case for its authenticity as described in the New York Times on March 10, 2021 in an article entitled, “Is a Long-Dismissed Forgery Actually the Oldest Known Biblical Manuscript?” These two great books give a solid case for the scrolls’ authenticity. The Moses Scroll is a great read that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

David Tyler

April 7, 2021

United States

Like An Indiana Jones Adventure

I received this book expecting it to read like an academic textbook but was surprised by the author’s ability to weave pertinent academia through an adventure story. We are introduced to Moses Shapira, an antiquities dealer in Jerusalem in 1878. Mr. Shapira has had a bit of bad luck in the past with forgeries but has now been presented with the possibility to cleanse his good name and raise his family to a place of honor in the critical world of historical treasures. We follow the dealer, and more importantly the mystery scrolls, across several continents and many countries in order to deduce the origin of the scrolls. Are the leather strips real or remarkable forgeries? And if they are real, what does this mean for the widely accepted current translation of the book of Deuteronomy? Ah, but you must read the book to draw your own conclusions! Mr. Nichols is a master storyteller who is able to draw the reader into the ancient world. He deftly teaches history while keeping the reader excited for the next page. I was genuinely sorry when the book ended and assuredly look forward to Mr. Nichols future works!

Sheree Morgan

April 2, 2021

United States

A Non-Stop Action Fact Thriller

When I first heard of the Moses Scroll and the controversial background, I simply avoid the subject. Then I got a headline in my news feed that caused me to click. That click lead to this book. The book reads fast, I completed it in 2 days. Although fact filled, it moves like an action, adventure thriller. I am convinced of the fragments authentication and I hope they are rediscovered. Nichols did an excellent job in presenting the proof, building a firm foundation that supported his conclusion. I do recommend the book to anyone interested in the Bible.

Gregory D. Watts

Marhc 28, 2021

United States

Excellent Facts vs History

I feel like I am on a mystery journey going back in time. Not like the movie, Back to the Future. That does not even compare. That was fantasy; this is not. “The Moses Scroll” is reality in motion and I am along for this great ride. “Wow” what a privilege. I love all the bits and pieces each chapter uncovered. Thanks for a great read…


March 19, 2021

United States

Great Research and Flawless Writing!

My wife ordered The Moses Scroll a few weeks ago and it arrived yesterday. Took all of a day and a half to read, What an exciting true-to-life adventure for anyone interested in ancient history and the latest discoveries concerning the oldest biblical manuscript ever found — not in the twentieth century, mind you, and not in those famous caves at Qumran, either, but along the eastern side of the Dead Sea in Jordan, or the Land of Moab.

This book is both a scholarly masterpiece and a fact-based mystery filled with surprises from an exceptional author who manages to untangle “all the usual suspects,” including the actual antiquities dealer responsible for finding the artifact to begin with — a man called “Moses” — who tried to bring the last words of the Torah ever written by the first Moses of Jewish antiquity.

Simply put, it’s a journey well worth taking.

Donald Smith

March 18, 2021

United States

Powerful Contribution to the Reassessment of the Shapira Discovered ‘Scroll of Moses’

This book details the events and historical figures involved in the discovery, evaluation, and subsequent ‘forgery’ determination of inscribed leather strips which some thought to be the original words of the prophet Moses – by his own hand. It reads like a novel, but almost every detail (down to the description of a shop in old Jerusalem, the clothing worn, and the inner thoughts of individuals) is supported by the citation of an historical document.

The author makes a strong case for reassessment of the purportedly ancient artifact, based on preconceptions of and misrepresentations by some of the scholars who claimed that it was a modern forgery after it was presented for evaluation. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls has negated the strongest argument against the document’s authenticity.

This ‘scroll’ is the subject of renewed debate and publication, and Nichols’ contribution on the subject adds historically supported detail, as well as powerful insight, into the conversation.

Stacie Smith

March 13, 2021

United States

Ross Nichols Passion and Knowledge on this Subject is Undeniable!

A very well written book containing a lot of information. This book not only gives a detailed historical account of Moses Shapira and his manuscript, but also gives great insight into the Hebrew Bible in what is referred to as the Moses Scroll. Are they one and the same? And, could this be the earliest form of the book of Deuteronomy? I think Ross Nichols gives compelling evidence and in the process, helps repair the reputation of Moses Shapira. An excellent read!

 Scott Higginbotham

March 10, 2021

United States

An Incredible and Extraordinary Story

The author does a fantastic job of following the chronology of the history and mystery of The Moses Scroll, supposedly discovered over 130 years ago in a cave near the Dead Sea.

The included translation of The Moses Scroll itself may change the way you read your Bible.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is searching for the words that could have been written by the hand of Moses himself, the Torah of Moses.

Read the book and decide for yourself.


March 7, 2021

United States

What an Incredible Find

If you like a good mystery, you’ll love this book. It’s a very detailed true story about an archaeological discovery made in the late 1800’s. It was all but forgotten in just a few short years. Ross carefully lays out his case and it is very convincing. But you be the judge. He’s giving you all the details, now you decide on what he has presented.

This a well documented account of the Moses Shapira scroll discovery and this one mans journey to give the world the most important discovery of his day, and quite possibly our day should the discovery be found genuine.

The book is laid out very well with many references, footnotes, and illustrations to assist the reader while on this journey of the Moses Scroll.


March 6, 2021

United States

Wealth of Knowledge and Information

I am totally loving this book! Learning so much about the Mesha Stela, the Siloam Inscription and the cast of characters involved in the acquisition of the Moses Scroll. Ross Nichols provides a wealth of information throughout the storyline. An excellent read…full of history!

 Denice Holehan

March 5, 2021

United States

Well Written – Great Story

Well written and tells a great story. The author has done a really good job. I would high recommend this to everyone interested in any type of biblical history interest.

Belinda W.


March 29, 2021


The Potential of This Ancient Document Will Leave You Astounded

It has been my very great privilege to follow the progress of this amazing book over this past 15 months or so. Over that period this topic has relentlessly blown my mind as new information unfolds. I have become irreversibly drawn into the “what if” potential of this ancient document that Ross has impeccably researched. The potential being, the Shapira manuscript accurately records a divinely imparted law code, the single most important document in the history of man, on which every bible is based. Order a copy today and prepare to be amazed, not only at the document, but the entire Shapira saga. It is a compelling story of adventure, mystery, treachery, and tragedy. The Moses Scroll is a must have!

Jono Vandor

March 3, 2021

United States


When I received the Moses Scroll in the mail, I was happy to see it wasn’t that thick.

As any good nerd, I sat down and begin to read. The story behind this scroll is fascinating. Very easy to follow, and very well written. Plenty of footnotes and well documented.

However, the best part of this book is the Moses Scroll. To read this Scroll, along with Deuteronomy ( ARTSCROLL TANACH and Samaritan Pentateuch) was likely the highlight of the book for me.

I have read many books, but from the story behind the scroll, to discussion of what Moses wrote, only to end by reading Scroll, I have never read another book like this.

Ross K Nichols. has put together a miniature masterpiece. If you love the Bible, the Torah of Moses, or if Deuteronomy is your favorite book of the Bible….this book is for you!!

Don’t take my word for it…..Read this book!!

Timothy Kiger

April 13, 2021

United States

An Awesome Read


Before reading this book I wasn’t very familiar with the Shapira Scroll. However, after reading this book, I find myself very intrigued towards this manuscript from the land of Moab. It is almost like the Ark of the Covenant has a lost history partner. Ross Nichols does a great job of laying out the history while supplying the reader with abundant of reference notes. But it isn’t just the detailed history that the reader is informed with. While including the arguments from the 19th century scholars and antiquarians that declared the scroll a forgery, Nichols not only addresses their findings but makes a very strong case for the scroll being an object of antiquity.
After reading the book, I was left wondering as to how great it would be if both the Ark of the Covenant and the Shapiro Scroll resurfaced unto the world stage around the same time?


Joe Whitehead

April 27, 2021

United States

I’m Not a Biblical Scholar But Wow!

I’ve followed Biblical topics for quite a while now and had never heard of this one until it was brought to my attention. But it intrigues me to know what today’s scholars think about something that had been thought of as a fraud for so many years. This book allowed me to dive head first into the why. Why did they think it was a fraud? Why are they now re-considering their positions in light of recent evidence (Dead Sea Scrolls)? I like that the book doesn’t try to persuade me to one side or the other but gives me the evidence and let’s me make the determination of what I think as the reader. But of course that only leaves me with a thirst for more. More data, more research, more evidence and more questions. I will say that I’ve never seen a case laid out like this without actually having the physical evidence at hand and that’s an anomaly for today. Mr. Nichols clearly knows more about this than most modern day scholars because I can read the book and see it laid out in front of me. I rarely use footnotes in a book but as a person who doesn’t always understand the old locations or names of things this REALLY helped me on the journey that I took while reading. This book walks the line between thriller and academia (and I really like both). I can certainly see more people getting interested in where this scroll is and if they ever find it, this could be the big one. I’ll be following for more books on this subject hopefully.

A Dufrene


April 25, 2021

United States

Excellent Book on the Matter

Well written and the author doesn’t oversell the topic. Opens up big questions as to the other scrolls that have been found, and seems to vindicate the man who acquired these scrolls in the 19th century, many years before the Dead Sea scrolls.

Ted C

March 14, 2021

United States

HOT! Back in the World News

HOT! The Shapira affair is back in the world news! Immerse yourself in one of the most controversial historical-biblical mysteries of all time. Follow Moses Shapira, 19th-century bookseller and antiquarian as he attempts to have his amazing find validated. Fifteen leather strips, found in a cave near the Dead Sea by Bedouins, covered in a black asphalt-like substance, once wrapped in cloth, with paleo-Hebrew writing. Once deciphered, they are found to contain two copies of the Book of Deuteronomy (sound familiar). In his quest to authenticate the strips, Shapira travels from Jerusalem to Berlin, to London and meets with the preeminent scholars of the day. Sounds like Indiana Jones? Except this is not Fiction!

Meticulously researched, with extensive footnotes but written for the historical fiction nut like me.
Fantastical find (1st Dead Sea Scroll?) or fraud? And where are they today? Join 21st-century scholars as they once again debate the issue.

Linden Langberg


March 13, 2021

United States

Essential Reading – The Original Torah of Moses

This book is essential reading for all who seek the way as to how the book of Deuteronomy was compiled. The Scroll of Moses was the original Torah of Moses, a Covenant made between God and Moses some 3500 years ago and faithfully transmitted by Levites priests over the Biblical period.

Barry Page

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